Specialized translations

Alongside interpreting, specialized translations are also one of our core competencies. We offer meticulously crafted and formatted professional translations that are extensively researched when required to ensure they accurately reflect the source.

We offer translations in the following language combinations:

German > Russian

Russian > German

English > Russian

Russian > English

German > Ukrainian

Ukrainian > German

English > Ukrainian

Ukrainian > English

German > English

English > German

All translations into language B or C (B: German, C: English) are reviewed by native speaker professionals.


Our areas of expertise include:

Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Energy),
Economy (Finance, Banking, Marketing),
Law (Commercial and Corporate Law, Tax Law, Insolvency Law, Traffic Law),
Society (International Relations, Humanities).

Text Types

Cat Tools

Depending on the possibilities and requirements, SDL Trados Studio CAT tool is used for translation.

Project management

For large translation projects with a tight deadline, we put together a team of skilled translators. The project manager supervises the procedure, translates if needed, and ensures that the text is consistent in terms of terminology and style.

Information for Clients

Please allow sufficient time for your translation needs. Depending on the subject matter, our typical daily workload is around 6,000 translated words. In exceptional cases and depending on the volume, we offer rush services, but this can frequently be avoided by prior planning on the client’s end.

If you are a corporate client and use corporate language (corporate speak) or have terminology lists and previous translations (reference materials), please provide them to us. In this way, we both can ensure compliance with corporate specifications. 

Please always include a contact person for any queries. As professional translators, we scrutinize your text and sometimes find discrepancies that require clarification. At times, we may need additional information to ensure optimal translation quality. A designated contact person can assist in ensuring the seamless running of your translation project.


Our translations are typically charged based on the line count (55 characters including spaces per line) or word count. Various factors may affect the cost:

File format: If the source text is in PDF, PPT, XML, or similar formats, an additional formatting fee may apply.

Delivery date: The daily workload for a technical translation of medium difficulty is approximately 6,000 words. In case of a rush translation project with tight deadline, a rush fee is applied.

Holidays and weekends: If necessary, we work on holidays and weekends, but this may also incur an extra charge.

Contact us, send us your texts, and we will immediately provide you with an individual cost estimate. We do not offer cheap translations but work to a high standard at fair market prices.