We offer the following interpreting services for

German, Russian, and English

Interpreting is one of our core services. Anna Deistler is a conference interpreter with an MA from the University of Heidelberg and over a decade of professional experience and, together with her team, she excels at all interpreting modes. We provide support with international events and help bridge language gaps and intercultural differences, ensuring an amicable atmosphere for discussion and work – an essential prerequisite for your success.

We offer interpretation in the following language combinations:

German > Russian

Russian > German

English > Russian

Russian > English

German > English

English > German


Interpreting Services

Whispering Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreters work from a soundproof booth where they listen to the speaker’s voice via headsets and transmit the interpreted version via microphone to listeners, who are also equipped with headphones and a microphone. Due to the high level of concentration required in the simultaneous mode, which is difficult to ensure for a long period, interpreters alternate every 20-30 minutes, so at least two interpreters are always employed per language pair

Occasions: Conferences, congresses, meetings, and other large-scale events, often with multiple working languages

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreting takes place time-delayed in longer chunks of speech. The interpreters use a special note-taking method to reproduce extended passages of up to ten minutes long (or even more). Since the speaker and interpreter alternate, double the time should be allocated for this mode as compared to an event without interpretation.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is a variation of consecutive interpreting. In this case, shorter chunks of speech are normally translated into the target language with a time delay. For extended speeches, it is necessary to allocate double the amount of time compared to events without interpreting, the same as with consecutive interpreting.

If you are unsure which interpreting mode is best suited for your event, please contact us and we will be happy to provide guidance.

Information for Clients


Please contact us to request a non-bidning individual quote. All expenses are transparently listed as line items for easy understanding of pricing.