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Qualifications as a professional interpreter and translator

Anna Deistler holds multiple qualifications as a professional interpreter and translator for Russian, Ukrainian, German, and English.

The professional titles of the interpreter and translator are not protected, which means that anyone can claim to be an interpreter or a translator. For this reason, it is crucial that you as a client should carefully consider the qualifications and references of language service providers.

Relevant university degrees

as a Conference Interpreter (MA), Translator, and Linguist from distinguished universities in Germany and Russia

Proficient mastery of interpreting and translation techniques

and continuous commitment to professional development

Solid general knowledge

Anna Deistler has a broad general knowledge that covers a wide range of topics to help her work competently and knowledgeably in various areas

In-depth expertise in the fields of technology, economics, law, and society,

as well as in other specialized domains through ongoing learning and consistent adaptation to the latest advancements

Cross-cultural competence

through knowledge of the language and culture of respective countries, including the workplace culture, gained through years of professional experience in permanent roles in Russia and Germany

Conscious use of working languages

and continuous adaptation to change, i.e. keeping abreast with modern language usage by regularly following daily events and through business and private travels in Russia

Commitment to excellence

Interpreting and translation services require extensive information and terminology research as well as proofreading expertise; all translations into a foreign language (here: Russian > German, Russian > English; Ukrainian > German, Ukrainian > English) are reviewed by native speakers

Personal qualities

Empathy, punctuality, and reliability

Confidentiality of information

disclosed within the course of an interpretation or translation project; NDA signed upon request