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Interview with the Russian punk band Pussy Riot*

The Russian music band Pussy Riot, known for their protest against the current Russian regime, is touring across Europe in 2023 and has already performed in Hamburg, among other places. The band members see their mission in raising awareness among the Western audiences about the current political situation in Russia. Furthermore, during their tour, the group aims to urge the Western countries to stop buying Russian gas and oil, since the proceeds fund the war in Ukraine. As part of their protest, Pussy Riot is raising funds for the injured children in a Kiev children's hospital and other causes. The singers also consider it crucial to raise awareness about the unjust legal proceedings against political prisoners.

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Interview with Olga Buslavets (former Ukrainian Minister of Energy)*

In her interview, former Minister of Energy Olga Buslavets discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the looming threat of an attack on the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, which has previously been repeatedly occupied by the Russian military. Buslavets also outlines the potential repercussions for Ukraine and Europe, and explores solutions to prevent further escalation of the conflict and safeguard civilians.

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Interview with Nikita Yuferev, an opposition politician from St. Petersburg*

An opposition politician from St. Petersburg Nikita Yuferev accuses Russian President Putin of treason and demands his resignation, citing his belief that Putin poses a geopolitical danger to Russia. Yuferev and his colleagues, the Lomonosovsky District councilors, created a petition against Putin. The opposition politicians from St. Petersburg are gathering signatures in other regions of Russia as well. However, the politicians who publicly criticize Putin are frequently fined for tarnishing the reputation of the Russian military.

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Interview with Mikhail Khodorkovsky (as part of “New World Disorder” series)*

In an interview with the Köber Foundation, Russian ex-politician and oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky discusses the annexation of Crimea, the U.S. election, and the political relationship between Russia and Syria.

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Interview on Belarus with Algerd Bakharevich and Julia Timofeyeva (as part of "Voices of Freedom" series)*

In an interview conducted by the Körber Foundation, Belarusian literary figures Algerd Bakharevich and Yulia Timofeyeva shed light on situation in their home country and Ukraine. They discussed how culture impacts politics and why people in power (should) fear the cultural community.

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* The interpreting assignment was coordinated by Anna Deistler's colleagues Monika Ott and Anja Grewe who are also conference interpreters (